Unsolicited Testimonials

Here is a small sample of the kind comments we have received. Yacht delivery and boating instruction references are available upon request.

Innumerable occasions over the past months of your words ringing in my ears and my eventual success in undocking, sailing & then docking Pinafore single-handed have transpired. Of much greater significance has been my patience and confidence in executing these tasks while teaching Rebecca. Miraculously, she really enjoys the boat and sailing with me – an unanticipated delight.

You are a great teacher! Several slip holders @ Osprey Point have sung your praises from their own experiences with you. I hope you continue enjoying what you do, as it benefits so many of us!

I wouldn't have thought that Mike and I could have learned enough in three days to prepare us to operate the Albin by ourselves.  We easily navigated through the Chesapeake, arrived safely at the marina all docked, lined and fendered up for the night without hitting anything or embarrassing ourselves! We enjoyed a couple of extra days in Annapolis boat shopping and meeting some of your friends.  I couldn't help but compliment your teaching style and sly sense of humor.  We accomplished more than we hoped for and are looking forward to getting back out on the water soon.

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with David and I.  It was invaluable.  I really did not think that we could take in so much information in three days, but we did!  We both are so much more comfortable with handling Tug-A-Long now.  All the thanks go to you and your patience.  You are a spectacular teacher, and we would gladly talk with any of your prospective clients if they would like to speak with some of your past pupils. Debbie and David

As we approach the first anniversary of the delivery of the Kubiak II, I wanted to extend my renewed appreciation for everything you did to ensure the safe delivery of our dream boat. Anne and I have enjoyed almost a year on the Bay now, in safety and confidence.  There is no question that my six days under your excellent tutelage were extremely well spent, and daily influence my confidence at the helm.  I regularly follow your exploits on your website and thoroughly enjoy every new entry.  Again, thanks for everything! Lou

I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you and Carroll for the very successful delivery of String Music from Charleston to Annapolis.  I simply cannot imagine having anyone that was more knowledgeable, capable, and professional to assist me with this challenging task.  I think we encountered a little of everything during the trip and I appreciated having the opportunity to learn from your experiences. David

We got back from Maine last night.  Once, again, thank you for a job well-done.  We found "Sailubrious" in Bristol condition upon our arrival in Boothbay and had a wonderful two weeks cruising Down East.  Your professional approach from our first "meeting" through the entire process was A-plus.  (And, I am a hard grader!)  I will certainly contact you should we have need for a delivery in the future. Craig

First let me thank you for a great experience and for being such a good teacher of all things nautical. I wanted to say thanks for a great experience and for helping me learn some basic boat handling and chart reading. I have never owned a boat with twins and was reluctant to try docking but with your help I feel much more confident operating the boat. It was a trip I'll always remember and I feel much more confident as far as boat handling goes. Marc

Just a note of thanks for your efforts with my new boat. I really do appreciate your professional attitude and expertise. I know you have a busy schedule and your willingness to extend yourself to help me with my new boat demonstrates your commitment to your clients. Your efforts will contribute to our future enjoyment of the boat. Steve

We don’t know how to begin to thank you for your patience, your encouragement, and your confidence in us. Thanks, too, for sharing your expertise, your wisdom and, most of all, yourself. Spending the past week with you was challenging, enlightening, and lots of fun. We recognize how much you gave us as a teacher and as a friend. We sincerely appreciate every bit. Barbara and Tom

I want to thank you & the crew for your professional delivery and the excellent care you took of my boat.  I will certainly call you again, should I need to have her moved. Joshua

Again, reiterating the obvious, but we loved our trip, our experience, and our bonding with you. Thank you again for sharing your expertise and I look forward to taking you up on your offer for more docking practice. Can we go in somewhere way tighter than H3? Babs